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NEA has many Hot Mix Asphalt Plants throughout northeastern Wisconsin. Many are hard to find because we have made a point to locate and construct our plants as not to interfere with the environment around them. We also have a number of "portable" plants that can be moved to a temporary location close to the job.

We use state of the art systems to produce the Hot Mix Asphalt (also called blacktop) you see on most of the roads in our area. We are able to produce a specific mix suitable for your needs, be it a major highway, country road, city street, parking lot, or driveway. We even have produced mixes for running tracks, tennis courts, and bike trails.

Many of the asphalt contractors in northeast and east central Wisconsin do not make their own asphalt - they come to NEA.

Hot Mix Asphalt, is primarily made up of sand and gravel. The quality of that aggregate makes a huge difference in the quality of the mix. To maintain that quality, NEA maintains most of the aggregate sites that we use to provide the materials for our asphalt mixes.

All the aggregate at our sites is custom crushed, sorted and graded to provide our asphalt plants the best raw material they can get.They trust that we will produce a mix they can be proud to put their name on.

NEA makes a point of keeping these sites as environmentally sensitive as we can. We take measures to control dust and noise, where possible. And we do our best to be good neighbors to those that live close by.

Before any of our asphalt mix hits the street, it is tested in our labs. These labs are staffed by certified technicians, who make sure that the mix you order meets your specifications. HMA is basically made up of gravel, sand, asphalt cement, and air. Precisely how much of each, along with the right amount of heat and pressure, determines the unique characteristics of a mix. Our Quality Control team may custom design a mix for you or insure that the design they are given is strictly followed by the plant. Testing can also be done during mixing at the plant, or at the jobsite, to insure the blacktop performs as specified.

Northeast Asphalt is very proud of all of our facilities and like to show them off. If you are interested in seeing one of our sites, or would like to set up a tour, please contact our corporate office. We'd love to show you around.

NEA is also a contributor to Quarry Quest. Quarry Quest gives families the opportunity to see a working aggregate site. Proceeds from this annual event go to support the Fox Cities Children's Museum in Appleton, Wisconsin. Click here for the Quarry Quest website. (It will open in a new browser window.)

We at Northeast Asphalt put a premium on safety. All of our facilities are audited regularly to insure that they comply with OSHA and NEA safety standards.

When our work spaces are kept safe, so are we. That improves morale, quality and productivity.
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